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Analysis of load test results

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Analysis of load test results


I ran one test for a single user.The load test log gives me result as:time as 323.71 s and connections count as 239. I have to analyse the load test results but the results are somewhat difficult to interpret from the logs. I am attaching the corresponding log.

1. If I calculate the Total time from the column Time(s) of connections ,it comes out to be 352.344.Is it not the same time as the total time displayed(323.71) in the Users part of the load test result.Also how do I evaluate my results .

2. How is the performance(kb/s) calculated for each user.Which bytes(bytes received or bytes sent ) and time value and from which column of the load test results are being used to evaluate the perfromance in kb/s .

3. Also the start delay column of the load result in connections part shows some delay for each of the connections. What does it depict? I did not mention any start delay while my load test run.

4. How are minimum and maximum response time calcualted for all the connections and which values from the log to be used for calculation ?
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Hi Allen,

Thanks so much for the reply.I understood the way to calculate response time. So this means that the Time(s) column in the Users panel shows the times that include test engine initialization time etc  that is the total time includes the times from other operations also.Thats why the value is bigger than that from the 'Request Exceution summary ' column.


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