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Accessing dropdowns within Powerbuilder DataWindow control.

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Accessing dropdowns within Powerbuilder DataWindow control.

I am currently in the process of automating a legacy Powerbuilder application. I have added the "pbdw*" and "*"  window classes to the list of accepted MSAA windows, which gives me access to most of the controls in the DataWindow, but not the DropDown control or the ComboBox control.

The control is identified as DropDown or ComboBox,and has only one child ListItem. I donot see a SelectedItem value nor am able to get a list of all the child ListItems. Is there a solution  for this?

I have attached a screenshot of the Object browser window to show what I mean. 

Thanks in advance.

Syed Hasan
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Hi Syed,

Maybe enabling the Tools | Options | Engines | General | Show hidden members option will help you find the target methods/properties to iterate through child items.

Is there anybody who is testing PowerBuilder apps? Have you faced a similar task? Feel free to share your solution with us.
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I am facing same problem.DropDown or ComboBox child items are not accessible. Even I tried with enabling "Show hidden member"
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Hi, I'm having exact same problem with Desktop based powerBuilder application


I dont have any clickitem or settext function exposed to edit value for comboboxes or dropdowns within datawindow.


Anybody has any solutions?

Hi, Just wondering if you ever got this issue figured out? Thanks

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Hi @russelld,


Very old thread....


I recommend that you create your own topic here and describe what you want to implement and what issues do you face. We will do our best to help you!

Tanya Yatskovskaya
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Hi russell,


I was able to handle ALL dropdowns and ComboBoxes through custom algorithm developed by using

Text Recognition + Pixel Mapping + Dropdown/ComboBoxes behavior adaptation.


It was a good 200+ lines of algorithm but ultimately i was able to succesfully automate PB 12.5+ applications with TestComplete. The only problem i faced was occasional non-detection of changes inside pbdw Dynamic data windows by TestComplete causing crashes at Testing Application end.

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Hi! Have you figured out that problem?

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Would you share, how exactly your algorithm works? We are facing similiar issue and can't really get over it. 

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