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A question about Checkpoints


A question about Checkpoints

I have various checkpoints that are going to be setup with this product however as I create new data my the values will be different than

what the baseline would be.


For example say the baseline uses my name with all the appropriate information in the data.

However, I want to set it up as a variable where the checkpoint might have my name but then the next day I have a new persons

name and I want to have the checkpoint so that if that new person runs the script it will pass because it is setup correctly with a for various

people and different data that may be entered throughout.

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This is another case where you would want to use a .csv file, even if there's only one row of data.  Whoever is running the test on a given day can update the .csv file without having to touch the test code.


In case you didn't see it in your other post yet, here's a helpful tutorial:

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@Largent803 - that last post is spam - I've reported it to the mods

Is this an issue that I need to worry about?


As for my question there isn't away to give a particular csv for a checkpoint because it relies on how everyone

is going to post and my point is that individual words and phrases maybe different from user to user. I want the system

to have checkpoints that may not be the same but are similar in their postings.

No, you don't need to worry about the spam, I just wanted you to be aware that it didn't have anything to do with your post


A checkpoint compares new values to a known value.  In your original post you mentioned names.  If you enter your name for the test, what do you expect the checkpoint to compare it to, and then the next day when your friend enters their name, what do you expect to happen?

I need the checkpoint to be flexible enough so that if you entered data with a checkpoint but then tomorrow I am running the 

same script and it has different data in it but the values are all correct that the checkpoint will pass. So I am not going to have 

the same data everyday. I am going to have different data that will be entered by different individuals so it basically needs to recognize

that while there is a change in content to how I write the flow is the same.

I got that, but I'm looking for a specific example.  How would you fill this in?


Day 1 data:

Day 1 checkpoint compare values:


Day 2 data:

Day 2 checkpoint compare values:

Basically here is how could change 

a  Source name could be one of multiple items which I don't know today

Another field has the Title which could be in the wrong format so it is edited to something different.

Then it could go to multiple people for various work on it. So those names could change


And there are more fields all of which could change on a daily basis. Which I will not know what those changes

could entail.

You'll need to start your test automation with a stable version of the application.  Teach TestComplete that version and then when things change, you'll find out because places in the test will fail. 


TestComplete can adjust some things as it goes, but you really don't want it to be able to automatically adjust to all changes because some failures in the test are going to be bugs and then you would never see them because the test always passes.


Build your test on a known-to-be-good version of the app.  When you run it on a new version, then there will be some failures, and a person needs to review those and decide if the test needs to be adjusted (this would be from an intended update of the code) or the test is correct and a bug needs to be reported.



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Thank a lot, Marsha!


@Largent803 does the suggestion help?

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