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TestComplete Community Day - Learn & Talk With the QA Team on Nov 9

SmartBear Alumni (Retired)

TestComplete Community Day - Learn & Talk With the QA Team on Nov 9



Hi everyone!


Our TestComplete QA Team is eager to share their testing best practices with you on Nov 9, here, in the TestComplete Community!


Throughout the entire day, we’ll be posting super-useful video sessions where TestComplete QA engineers (and devs!) are going to share how they test things here at SmartBear. And since it’s an event, you’ll have the chance to ask any on-topic questions in the comments under the event posts, and they’ll get back to you.


By participating in the event activities, you not only get the deep insights on how to best use TestComplete, you can also get event points and win prizes from SmartBear!


here's What you can do now 

Subscribe to the #CommunityDay2021 label so you don’t miss any event updates or posts.


Event Schedule

Speaker Event post Start time
Andrew Redkin, TestComplete QA Engineer Video Session – Integrating OS X in the TestComplete Testing Process Nov 9
7 am GMT 
Alexandr Gubarev, TestComplete Senior Test Lead, Test Manager Video Session – Regression Testing of Performance Nov 9
8 am GMT
- Activity – Become Academy Certified Nov 9
9 am GMT
Vladimir Yatskovskiy, TestComplete Test Run Manager Video Session – A Test Lab and How to Maintain It Nov 9
10 am GMT
Igor Staroverov, TestComplete QA Engineer Video Session – Scalable Web Tests Nov 9
11 am GMT
Sergey Sammal, Software Engineering Manager Video Session – BDD with TestComplete and CucumberStudio Nov 9
12 pm GMT



Participation rules (to get event points)

We will use event points to identify the winners. To qualify, your participation needs to take place on November 9. Here’s how you can earn them:


Watch the video ➡️ Give Kudos to the post (+1 point) ➡️ Ask a question about the video topic (+2 points)

Bonus +2 points for the best question (selected by the speaker)


And, that’s how you can get 5 points per post!


For the Become Academy Certified event session, you can get bonus points for sharing the certificates you attained for TestComplete learning courses in the SmartBear Academy:


Complete any TestComplete courses mentioned in the event post ➡️ Post the certificate you got to the post comments (+2 points per certificate)


Again, all these actions need to be taken on November 9. Your time zone doesn’t matter, as long as it’s still Nov 9 where you are 😊


Good luck to all participants!

Sonya Mihaljova
Community and Education Specialist


Thanks to everyone at SmartBear for putting this Community Day together!  It was very informative!

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