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Community Day 2021 - Scalable Web Tests

SmartBear Alumni (Retired)

Community Day 2021 - Scalable Web Tests

Scalable tests are a big topic in the QA industry for sure! Enjoy the session and subscribe to the event tag not to miss out on more quality content.


Scalable Web Tests

by Igor Staroverov, TestComplete QA Engineer


This video session explains the new mode of working with Web Objects in TestComplete. This mode is based on using the Selenium framework. Today, this framework is widely used in web testing and that’s why the transition to TestComplete will be smooth and easy. The new mode is the combination of the two powerful products - TestComplete and Selenium.


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Watch the session:



00:00 Speaker's introduction

01:34 Explaining the new mode of working with Web Objects in TestComplete

06:13 Creating a project using the new Web mode

07:01 Recording a simple test

08:30 NameMapping

09:06 Working with Selectors

14:26 Special methods

17:25 Launching a test on a remote browser using CBT

19:36 Launching tests on several remote browsers in parallel using CBT


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Sonya Mihaljova
Community and Education Specialist

SmartBear Alumni (Retired)


I think, it will be interesting for all users.
This method is used by default in TestComplete now.
It's a good solution for new projects.

@Marsha_R :


The case here is that:

a) Cross-platform web mode is incompatible with the classic one. Which means that you will not be able to reuse your existing code that relies on classis TestComplete search functionality (e.g. .Find(), WaitAliasChild() if classic NameMapping is used in the project);

b) I don't remember if it is for cross-platform web mode or for cloud-compatible cloud one, but it is not possible to navigate to the selected element in the Object Browser from Object Spy. This significantly complicates tested application's investigation and working-out the strategy for NameMapping.


My personal current preference is to use classic mode for web projects that are for sure will not need to be executed in the cloud (CrossBrowserTesting, BrowserStack, etc.).

But if your web application for sure will need to be tested using cloud providers, then you have no other choice but to use the cross-platform web mode.


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SmartBear Alumni (Retired)

What a great and informative thread!

The best question goes to @nisgupta 

Sonya Mihaljova
Community and Education Specialist

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