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Automation Execution Report - Ready to Go!

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Automation Execution Report - Ready to Go!



I hope you guys aware of this thread Automation Execution Report


So, I have completed scripting for the creating customized HTML using JavaScript. PFA TC project.


Steps to access:


ReportingFunctions.js having all the functions which is used to create HTML reports for Test case vise as well as high level report.


Basically, After import the ReportingFunctions.js into your project.


1) At the starting point of your execution put below code



2) See the below steps for a test case i guess if see the functions name it is self-explanatory


//Test Case #1
ReportingFunctions.fn_createteststep(1,"Expe Result","Actual Result","Test Data",false); ReportingFunctions.fn_createteststep(2,"Expe Result","Actual Result","Test Data",false); ReportingFunctions.fn_createteststep(3,"Expe Result","Actual Result","Test Data",false); ReportingFunctions.fn_createteststep(0,"Expe Result","Actual Result","Test Data",false); ReportingFunctions.fn_createteststep(1,"Expe Result","Actual Result","Test Data",false);
ReportingFunctions.setTestCaseExeEndTime(aqDateTime.Time()); ReportingFunctions.fn_createtestcaseduration() ReportingFunctions.fn_completetestcase()

3) In point of execution end put below code,



The same flow workable function i have created in SampleCallMethod.js in the attached project.


Please try this and let me know your feedback.


Shankar R

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