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Import/Export variable lists

Import/Export variable lists

We would like to be able to share variables lists from all levels without having to share project files or add them all in manually.


If I export my project variables, then my colleagues should be able to import the resulting list and have it be merged with theirs.

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Having to enter a long list of project variables is tedious when we need to combine or split up projects and we need the variables duplicated.  It would be helpful to be able to get some or all of the project variables and add them in somewhere else.

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I would like to have export method on project variables. (mey be to a .cvs file)

so that those could be sent to other projects or preserve previous values

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Why don't you store the data you need in an excel sheet?

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We do use Excel if we are reading in a lot of data, but I shouldn't have to go to all that trouble to share a single value between tests.

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It would be very simple to also write a script that will do this.


You can loop through the number of variables you have and output their name, type and value into a file, then read them back in another project to add them. 


Very rough psuedo code.

function outputVars() {
   var count = Project.Variables.VariableCount;
   var name, type,value;
   for(var i = 0; i < count; i++){
      name = Project.Variables.GetVariableName(i);
      value = Project.Variables.VariableByName(name);
      type = Project.Variables.GetVariableType(Project.Variables.VariableByName(name))
     //code to write to file

function insertVars() {
   //code to open file
  for(lines in file) {
      //add var and type
   //set var value etc..
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Good, now SmartBear can use that script to implement it.  🙂


Hey guys,

just for reference:

SmartBear just launched a coding contest to face just that problem 🙂




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Having to work with a big amount of variables, which I now have to type in manually one-by-one, I thought this process would go much faster if TC would support importing if variables lists (also parameter definitions) from external files, like Excel, CSV, txt.


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 Hi ,


About which variables you are talking, ProjectSuite/Project or local variables ??


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