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Add ability for commandline option "/ExportLog" to export html

Add ability for commandline option "/ExportLog" to export html

Hi all,


Currently the command line option "ExportLog" allows the user to export either mht or the proprietary .tcLogX format of TC/TE per the help:


"/ExportLog:File_name (or /el:File_name) - Commands TestExecute to export test results to an .MHT or .tcLogX file specified by the File_name parameter after the test run is over.


Important: File_name should specify the name of a non-existent file. If it specifies an existing file, TestExecute will fail to run the test.

It is recommended that File_name specify the fully-qualified file name. If the parameter value does not include the folder path, TestExecute saves the file to the current working folder (by default, it is the project folder)."


However, Chrome does not support .mht files (and surprisingly it is not easy to add support, I have tried. I swore there would have to be a good plugin to do this) and of course tcLogX is not easily viewable unless through TC (another feature request for Smartbear to create a simple tcLogX viewer app? :D)


In script you can use the Log.SaveResultsAs to save to html easy enough and put this line in the Engine stop event.


My request is to simply allow access to the html option of Log.SaveResultsAs through the "ExportLog" commandline option. 



- Any browers can read the file easily

- I can export the html to an intranet web server and easily share the results with other staff internally 

Status changed to: Accepted for Discussion
Status changed to: Implemented



We have added a possibility to export results of a test execution to an HTML file in TestComplete 12.40. Find information on this possibility in the following help topic:

Exporting Test Results in TestComplete

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