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Unable to unpublish my own API

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Unable to unpublish my own API

I can't delete my own API, it says i need to unpublish them first


well...I can not unpublish them neither. It told me I'm not the editor of that API 


God , I own this...


I hope there is a solution for that...thanks


Hello there, Can you please advise was this API originally in an Organization and then transferred out to your Personal account (Free Account) ?


I could not remember What  i've done before , it's turely long time ago 🙂

I just checked there is no Organization here, maybe  i own this all the time.


I think if I could get to edit this API, this issue can be addressed. but the problem is I'm the owner but can't edit it.



Thank you for coming back. I appreciate that you cannot remember the steps previously taken.


- Is the API in a Read Only State i.e when you go into the API does it say Read Only across the top of the Definition in the Editor?


- Do you know when this started to happen also?

Yes, It's Read Only state.


About when,  I just got my account back recently, and after my logging in, it there.

I have the same problem as JacksonLI. But I transfered my API just like you said. How can I delete this API now (or make it accessible again)?

Anyone found a fix for this yet? This bug is driving me NUTS!

U may don't want to know my solutions......


I just exported all my APIs , and deleted my account. then register and import from API file...


I really really can not bear this, Can't delete my own API!



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