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Can securitySchemes be defined in a domain?


Can securitySchemes be defined in a domain?

I'm trying to use domain specs (OAS3) to define standard, reusable components that can be used in multiple APIs. I'm getting errors when I try to use a $ref: to add a securityScheme that was defined in a domain to the security property of an API. It works fine if the components.securitySchemes are defined directly within the API spec itself. I've done some searching and I can't find any documentation or examples showing how to make this work, but I also haven't found anyplace where it says this can or can't be done. To illustrate:


In my domain spec (Example-Domain/1.0.2) I have the following:

      type: http
      scheme: bearer
      bearerFormat: JWT

In my API spec I have this:

  - $ref: ''


The following error are returned for the line containing the $ref:

  1. should be an array
  2. Security requirements must match a security definition

If I put the same security scheme definition into the API spec itself and modify the security section as follows, it works fine.

  - bearerToken: []


Am I doing something wrong?



SmartBear Alumni (Retired)

Hi @MOverholt-AFI,


Currently, domains cannot contain security schemes:

Note: The OpenAPI 3.0 components section can contain securitySchemes, however, domains cannot contain them.

There's a feature request in our internal tracker to support this in the future, and I've added your vote to it.

Helen Kosova
SmartBear Documentation Team Lead
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