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Boolean Parameter and conditional schemas?

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Boolean Parameter and conditional schemas?

Is there a way to document a boolean parameter that determines whether or not an array will be returned in the response? For example, we've got multiple parameters that operate as, "if true, [exampleField] will populate with [exampleSchema], else false, [examplefield] will display as null." Most of the get endpoints that use boolean parameters operate in this same manner so I'd like to convey that functionality via the Auto Mock if possible.

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OpenAPI Specification does not have a way to describe request/response correlation. See this discussion for details:


You can, however, describe these conditions in the description of those response fields and the corresponding parameters.

Helen Kosova
SmartBear Documentation Team Lead
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That's what I've done in the meantime so looks like it'll have to do! Thanks for the help @HKosova !

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