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soapUI 1.7.6 Pro is out!

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soapUI 1.7.6 Pro is out!

Hi all!

eviware is happy to release soapUI 1.7.6 Pro, which is an intermediary release providing general functionality and UI improvements (on top of a bunch of bugfixes). Most Notable are:

* Excel/Grid DataSource support for data-driven testing
* A new Overview View for quick assessment of response-messages
* Much improved form-based editor
* XQuery 2.0 support in assertions and property-transfers
* Apache CXF wsdl2java integration
* Default authentication settings on endpoint level
* Regular expression support in Contains/NotContains assertions
* Improved xml/groovy editors with line-numbers, find-and-replace, etc..
* Greatly improved project/workspace management
* Improved/laxed up MTOM support
* Global/System-property access in property-expansions
* Very preliminary and initial extension API (with groovy support)

- read all about the release:
- download from:

As always we are endlessly grateful to our enthusiastic users and growing community (both commercial and open-source)! You Rock!

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