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load testing question

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load testing question

While doing load testing, I don't really care about the what is in the response since that is covered during functional testing. I noticed that there is a setting for 'max response size' in the preferences.

If I set this to 1byte, does this mean that basically the response will be ignored and maybe soapui can generate more load since response processing will not weigh down the CPU ? Does this setting have any implications on the statistics that are reported during load testing.


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Re: load testing question


Cutting off the response might have a positive effect, but the server will still produce the entire response, and it will still all be sent over the network. If you don't have any assertions at all in your requests, this should be possible, but it's hard to say what effect it will have on your results.. hmm.. I see what you are getting at though, we could add an "ignore response" setting, but on the other hand often it can be good to have functional validations in place during loadtests, since functionality might stop working as desired when the server gets overloaded (due to threading, deadlocks, etc..)


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Re: load testing question

I agree about the functional testing during load testing. We have another (low end machine) that is running functional test while we are doing load test. I was trying to see how I can squeze the most out of the high end machines. Some of our responses have a lot of data (>15MB).
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