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Is this redesign version final?

Community Leader

Is this redesign version final?

Is this redesign of the community forum final or do we expect some further modifications? I don't want to be negativist or something but there is still room for improvement. It looks like it's even harder to navigate through the forum than before.


Go for instance at and try to find your way to the ReadyApi forum...


Moreover I feel like the SmartBear forums are too separated one from another when I would expect an easy way to switch for instance from SoapUI open source and SoapUI pro forum. 


P.S. Posting still takes a lot of time for me.

Community Manager

Re: Is this redesign version final?

Hi Lucian,

Thanks for your feedback! It's very important for us to listen to our users.

The updated community site was supposed to simplify the SmartBear Community usage. It's sad to hear that you face some misunderstanding and poor navigation. Definetly, we will take into account your feedback and will think about the future improvements.

If you have any more suggestions, please post them here:

Thanks a lot!
Tanya Gorbunova
SmartBear Community Manager


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