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WS Reliable Messaging Sequence

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WS Reliable Messaging Sequence


      I am using SOAP UI to test WS Reliable Messaging to the application.However when using the enable WS-Relaible Messaging checkbox, I see the message is going to the Application, however a close sequence request is sent as soon as a sequence is received from Application.I want to check if there is any functionality where I can control not to send the close sequence request.Please see wsrm log below for one such request.Pls let me know if there is any way to control the sequence so as not to send closesequence request from SOAP UI.


  • Thu Jan 28 14:05:38 2016:INFO:StartSequence Request Sent: 2aad6dd3-e208-40b1-8553-77032de7a3b3
  • Thu Jan 28 14:05:38 2016:INFO:Sequence response Received, sequence ID: urn:uuid:B77DBEFDCEA41D4BA11453961139006
  • Thu Jan 28 14:05:38 2016:INFO:Acknowledgment for message 1 received for identifier: urn:uuid:B77DBEFDCEA41D4BA11453961139006
  • Thu Jan 28 14:05:38 2016:INFO:CloseSequence Request Sent for Sequence: urn:uuid:B77DBEFDCEA41D4BA11453961139006
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