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Validate SOAP Response

New Member

Validate SOAP Response

Hi, I'm dealing with a difficult team who provide a SOAP service that my application consumes.  I can see, via the validate option in SoapUI, that the response they're giving is not valid.


Because I need to spell it out for the owners of the service is there a simple way I can download the schema SoapUI is using to validate the response?  I can see links in the top part of the response:


<soapenv:Envelope xmlns:soapenv="">
<soapenv:Header xmlnsSmiley Tonguear=""/>
<soapenv:Body xmlnsSmiley Tonguear="">
<mSmiley FrustratedAPPartnerListSearchResponse xmlns:m="">
<mSmiley TongueartnerFunctionCollectionResponse>


But I can't pop into a browser.  I feel like it must be pretty simple but I can't find where to get their schema from.


Can anyone lend me a hand?  I'd love to be armed with their own schema before a meeting.




Nevermind, I just needed to add ?wsdl to the url.  Doh!