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SoapUI - Cannot wait on null future

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SoapUI - Cannot wait on null future



When running a high thread count I am getting the following errors in SoapUI:


java.lang.RuntimeException: cannot wait on null future


It is very intermittent and only seems to happen with a high thread count (20+)


I have built my test suite so that it is thread safe. There is one call out to a Test Case to increment an ID, which I call with the property “Run primary TestCase (with for running to finish)”.


Other than that it is fairly simple script in calling a set of SOAP requests.


I have switched off all assertions but still the issue persists. I am using SoapUI 5.0.0 (as this is the currently installed version on the corporate network).


Many thanks.

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Re: SoapUI - Cannot wait on null future

Hi @stores80,


Have you tried defining LoadTest assertions? They should help you validate both performance and functionality during the execution of the LoadTest:


Also, it's worth following the steps listed in the following articles to decrease the memory consumption during the test execution:

Tanya Yatskovskaya
SmartBear Community and Education Manager

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Re: SoapUI - Cannot wait on null future

Thanks but it doesn't appear to be down to memory.


I have upgrade to SoapUI version 5.4.0 but still seeing the same issue.


Could anybody please help?



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Re: SoapUI - Cannot wait on null future

Would you like to share the use case please?

Are you using default feature of SoapUI to do the load testing?
Is the script which uses multiple threads?
Any soapUI project to simulate the issue for remote people to understand it?

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