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SOAP UI Pro - Form Editor problem

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SOAP UI Pro - Form Editor problem

I have just downloaded Pro for evalualtion and have noticed a feature in the Form Editor. If you complete the Form view and then switch to one of the other views, all looks OK. However when you switch back to the Form View it doesn't display all of the completed fields, and it was seems to add some element names into the created XML document.

Switching back to the other views shows that all the data from the original Form completion are still there. Also adding new data elements from the Form Editor correctly adds the new data into the underlying XML.

Wondering is it something to do with the way some fields are declared.

WSDL and schema can be provided.

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Re: SOAP UI Pro - Form Editor problem

Hi Darrin,

thanks for your interest! We are currently redesigning the Form Editor to better handle XML Schema constructs in the upcoming release.. It would be great if you could send me your WSDL/XSDs so I can test the new version with these to see if your problems have been fixed.. mail to if possible..

thanks again!


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