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Help on SOAPUITestrunner

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Help on SOAPUITestrunner


I have an soapui xml which runs through toolrunner sucessfully in soapui tool.(Run button after selecting test case)

I am trying to execute the same xml in java through eclipse. Iam using the class SoapUIToolRunner for this and getting an error for java.lang.NullPointerException. I think it is because interface and tool is not set in soapuitoolrunner. 


Can you please let me know how to set interface and tool in soapuitoolrunner class. If possible any sample code.



Code used for soapuitoolrunner

SoapUIToolRunner SoapUIToolRunner = new SoapUIToolRunner();



Error log

17:33:23,045 INFO [DefaultSoapUICore] All plugins loaded
17:33:25,526 INFO [WsdlProject] Loaded project from [file:/C:/..../medicareSupplier-soapui-project.xml]
17:33:25,544 INFO [SoapUIToolRunner] Running tools [null] for interface [null] in project [medicareSupplier]


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