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Capture Test Suite Results

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Capture Test Suite Results

Hi all,


  I was wondering if there was a way to capture my test suite results into a text file?  I.E. Test 1 = Passed, Test 2 = Passed, Test 3 = Failed.  More so, if this is possible, can we capture the error/fail message along with any tests that are unsuccessful?  


Test 3 = Failed --> Reasons


  I believe the answer is including groovy scripts on each test or at the very end and iterate through the total?  I am new to both SoapUI and Groovy hence me turning here for assistance.  I would appreciate any help / guidance. 



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Re: Capture Test Suite Results

Not sure what the use you are trying to achieve and what will be the following action once you have the results in text file?

Instead, it would be easy for you and others if the results are presented well or make it available online (especially for the management)

So, I would suggest to visit this thread how to achieve the same, I was talking about.

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