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handling session in response

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handling session in response

Hi all,

I have a SOAP request for Login and i am getting proper response for the user credentials. Now in the SOAP response the session id()node is passed to it.

I need to get the value of the session id from the that i can use those values for next coming request.

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hi all,

here is my SOAP response after i hit my login


how to get the value of session id node ...



You can do this in a Transfer Step.

Create a transfer that transfers from your login step  (step login, property response ) to your next step (step nextstep, property request) and use  XPath expressions to to move it:

Example Source XPath:
declare namespace ns1=';

Example Target XPath:
declare namespace ns1='';
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One more thing,

if you are using the soapUI Pro trial, this is even easier. To the right of the Property Drop Down, there is a button that lets you choose which element you want (in your case sessionID) and it will generate the XPath for you.

This is Pro only though...
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in case if i want to get a node value in request/ do i do that




        <NewDataSet><br />&nbsp; <Table><br />&nbsp; &nbsp; <Town>Banavie</Town><br />&nbsp; &nbsp; <County>Highland</County><br />&nbsp; &nbsp; <PostCode>PH33</PostCode><br />&nbsp; </Table><br /><br />how to get country or postcode in response or web:PostCode in request<br />in groovy<br /><br />thanks<br />ind

Ok, this is my personal way of doing it.

Since I'm not that fond of the XML parsing in Groovy (read: because I'm lazy),  I would make a Properties Step containing properties for these:
Request PostCode
Response PostCode

I would then move them into the properties step using a Property Transfer like above (only now into the Properties Step) and the accessing the Properties Step from Groovy.

def step = testRunner.testCase.getTestStepByName( "Properties" )
step.getPropertyValue( "Request PostCode " )
step.getPropertyValue( "Response PostCode " )

In Pro it is simpler to use Grovy and I would use the GroovyUtils like this:

def groovyUtils = new context )

def respHolder  = groovyUtils.getXmlHolder( "GetUKLocationByPostCode#Response" )
def reqHolder  = groovyUtils.getXmlHolder( "GetUKLocationByPostCode#Request" )

reqpHolder.getNodeValue( "//web:GetUKLocationByPostCode/web:PostCode"))
resppHolder.getNodeValue( "//web:GetUKLocationByPostCodeResult/Table/PostCode"))
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thanks for the prompt response.
i have tried with your code. but null value only it passes.

i have used this groovy code:
def step = testRunner.testCase.getTestStepByName( "GetUKLocationByPostCode - Request 1" )
def a = step.getPropertyValue( "//web:GetUKLocationByPostCode/web:PostCode" )

the response i got is :

Fri Jul 27 11:07:11 IST 2007:INFO:null

the value is null.

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