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a little confused

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a little confused

I selected SOAPUI to try out as a REST testing framework and I can't get the simplest request to work.  ??  For every web service I create, I always implement a simple ping service.  Looks like this:  http://localhost:8080/app/resources/ping.  No parms or payload, just a simple GET.

I created REST project.  Defined endpoint as http://localhost:8080 and resource as /app/resources/ping and I get back a 400 Bad Request. error.  I can type in the url directly into a browser and I get the expected response.


Looking at my server log and I see no evidence it received the request from SOAPUI.  So where does the 400 come from?

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As you're probably aware, as 400 type response normally means that the client has done something wrong.

Given that SoapUI certainly can do REST requests, are you setting the Content-Type header property to something your service expects? Any authorisation required that may be cached in the browser? Sometimes there can be a lack of proxy configuration in SoapUI, but as its localhost, I don't really expect that.


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