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WSDL moving between servers

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WSDL moving between servers


Please excuse any dumb questions - I'm very new to this!

OK, I have a WSDL file (dumped on my desktop, to be used for reference only).
I've created a SoapUI project from this, containing some unit tests.

This was done because the real deployed WSDL is on a server elsewhere, and it has security set so that I can't import the remote WSDL - I can only post to it.

How can I update my test project to point to the remote WSDL?

It seems that once the project has been created (from my sample WSDL) there's no way to change the target of the tests to the real server.

Can anybody help with some advice please?


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Ah, I may have answered part of my own question.

The WSDL should contain its own location on the target server.

  <wsdl:service name="xxxWebservices">
<wsdl:documentation>Collection of services provided by the xxx Web Service</wsdl:documentation>
<wsdl:port binding="tns:WebservicesSOAP" name="WebservicesSOAP">
<soap:address location="http://xxx,"/>

The value held in LOCATION is used to populate the ENDPOINT value in the SoapUI test case.

This value tells the test where to run.

So in theory... if the WSDL moves to a new server, it should be updated with its new location.
Re-importing the WSDL should then update the tests to point to the new location.
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