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Soapui 5.6.0 ssl handshake exception

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Soapui 5.6.0 ssl handshake exception

Hi team,

I'm facing issue with soapui application with version 5.6.0

While running ouath I'm getting error as ssl handshake exception and unable to find the certificate in the folder.

Please try to resolve this ASAP
As I have seen many people posted this exception but no one replied yet
As this is common exception where everyone facing using soapui 5.6.0

Please provide immediate resolution

Thanks in advance

Hi David/team,


Could I please get the response on below ?

Need your help/advise to fix this issue asap.


Thanks in advance

Sorry for being so late.


The fact you still have an error is either the oauth server is not configured as excepted or your connexion is missing something (happened to me passing by a proxy for example).

By the way you should provide more information on the request you use.







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Hi ,. Thanks for your below reply.

Configuration is done properly as it's working in the version 5.5.0 but issue with only 5.6.0

Please let me know what other details required from my end to investigate more on the issue.

Gourav Joshi

I have to test different servers in a lab, all running with self signed certificates. I always get this "invalid certificate path" error when trying to open a wadl. I have created a keystore and added all certifcates, changed the soapui.bat file to reflect different java paths, none work.


One difference that seems inconsistent is the error between different soapui versions for exactly the same problem:

5.6.0 --> invalid cert path

5.5.0 -> missing subject name in cert


Only thing that seems to work for me is to browse to the wadl on the server, view source, copy the content to a local file and add the wadl from this local file. This is the only way I can get it in SoapUI. Maybe it helps.


I am still hoping that in a next release this behaviour can be controlled, because none of the "workarrounds" seem to work atm.

SmartBear Alumni (Retired)

Hi @Gouravjoshi89 ! I wanted to let you know that your most recent reply didn't reach the forum because it looks like you replied straight to the email notification. Please copy it here. 

Sonya Mihaljova
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