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SoapUI Project Deployed As War: global-groovy.log (Permission denied)

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SoapUI Project Deployed As War: global-groovy.log (Permission denied)

I'm trying to deploy a SoapUI project as a war but I'm getting this error on the server it's deployed to:


2020-11-02T10:57:17.187979-05:00 utaurintrplt01 server: log4j:ERROR setFile(null,true) call failed.
2020-11-02T10:57:17.188448-05:00 utaurintrplt01 server: global-groovy.log (Permission denied)


I've deployed this same project before without issue but this is the first time trying with SoapUI Open Source 5.6.0. 

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Hey @RTinkess31,

This is a total guess on my part but it looks like the issue is file permissions. Id have a look where groovy-global.log is being written and go from there, especially as it appears this issue was introduced on a new version of SoapUI



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