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Access log to soapui test suite

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by ndipiazza on ‎10-13-2015 05:33 AM

The load test feature in Soapui is great and simple. 


Jmeter has one key feature - to be able to replay an access log from apache and turn it into a load test. 


Can soapUI do that? 

If you need to add two or more WSDLs from your file system, every file you add starts the "browse" dialog from SoapUI's instalation folder.


It would help a lot if the last path is remebered, so no need to navigate to the directory every time.


Thanks again.


Best regards,


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Endpoint description/name

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by martijn on ‎08-21-2017 03:50 AM

Since it is possible to configure multiple endpoints on a soapcall I think it would be a nice feature to  be able to assign a name or description to each endpoint. For instance, in a situation where you can only use IP adresses it would be nice to set the hostname in the description. Another usecase would be a 'production', 'test', 'accept' tag in the description etc.


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Please resolve bug Null pointer exception with HTTP Monitor.


Http Monitor + create test case from selected request would be a very useful feature, but as far as I can see (in version 5.3.0) this is currently completely unusable.


Its working in Pro version, so I guess a fix wouldn't be very difficult to implement?


Kind Regards,

Paul Igoe

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I've been using the mock functionality and I have a feature request to make.


In Home / Documentation / SOAP Mocking / MockOperations and Responses:


Section MockOperation Dispatching:

  • SEQUENCE: this is the simplest dispatch method; responses are selected and returned in the order they have been added to the MockOperation.


If you are setting up a mock service with a bunch of fake responses and you need to change their order, it can become quite cumbersome since you would need to recreate them or swap their contents around.


I wish there was a better way to reorder the responses, preferable by dragging them, without having to use a QUERY-MATCH MockOperation dispatcher, which would involve more complexity.



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SoapUI Log scrolling

Status: New Idea
by hmanastasi ‎03-14-2017 12:01 PM - edited ‎03-14-2017 12:08 PM

It would be helpful if a user was able to choose whether or not they wish to have Logs scroll as they populate or not. Each log (Error, HTTP, Script, etc) should have their own setting and not have one setting to rule them all. I have created several scripted assertions with a great bit of detail. I have to wait until the test is finished running before I can describe or research the error I am receiving. This is not very efficient when I have individuals assisting with debugging of an application.


Heather A.

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Generate AWS REST API signitures

Status: New Idea
by ECiurleoIOP on ‎03-02-2017 01:34 AM

When making calls to Amazon's S3 and similar services a "signature" value needs to be generated.


The details of the signing required are documented here 


Currently this can only be accomplished with a convoluted mechanism of groovy scripts.  It would be very useful if (upon entering the relevant credentials) SoapUI could generate the signature value and populate the relevant header.


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The navigation tree for SOAP services/requests was sorted alfabetically by name.

When one has many requests below the same Project it is possible to manually group them by adding prefixes in the description and hence keeping then "organised".


In the navigation tree for JSON on the other side  there seem to be a fixed sorting by creation time: the last created/or duplicated request is put at the end of the list.

When there are many requests it bekomes a caotic list.


It would have been better to keep the functionality of the navigation and editor pane (e.g. editable, searchable) like it was for SOAP and just treat JSON content as an other type of content.


I hope there is a chance to geht this right and more confortable in a next release.

Anybody else with the same experience using SOAPUI for JSON? 


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SoapUI command line Mock Deployment

Status: New Idea
by samuel_perez on ‎02-06-2017 11:14 AM


Need the ability to deploy the mock via a command line vs the UI.


Business need: the ability to integrate the Mock test cases along with Continuous Integration automated test.  As part of CI build need the ability to deploy the SoapUI Mock upon check in.  Once checked in the mock can be packaged as a war and then deployed to a Apache or TC container for use with automated regression suite.



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Security Scans for REST -JSON

Status: New Idea
by Priya85 on ‎12-16-2016 01:29 AM

Currently we have security scans available for SOAP protocol but we do not have the same for JSON. In NG PRO we have the JSON security checks. Can we also add them in the SOAP UI open source, this will be very helpful.

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Expand Resources listbox - user friendly UI

Status: New Idea
by Asubbiah on ‎04-12-2016 09:34 AM

I have multiple resources (say 25) under a rest service and I have to select few (say 15) services to generate testsuite.

But the Generate Testsuite window expands with white space. The resources list box cannot be expanded for me to view/select the service easily. It is very hard to scroll after selecting 3 services. PFA the screen shot for reference.



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TestStep PropertyEx​pansion

Status: New Idea
by xavjer on ‎11-05-2015 01:55 AM

As suggested creating a 'New Idea' of my forum post


1. TestStep expansion

It is currently possible to use this property expansion ${#TestCase#MyTestCaseValue} but this one is not possible yet: ${#TestStep#MyCurrentTestStepValue}


2. TestStep expansion by name change

Let's assume my TestStep is called: Step1

It has a parameter with name: Value1


So to access it, I currently use: ${#Step1#Value1}


Now, when renaming a teststep or cloning it (and giving it a new name), all existing property expansions should also be renamed to reference the new name (In HTTP TestStep for example it should check the endpointURL, the content, the assertions).

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Support HAWK Authentication

Status: New Idea
by pcheng on ‎10-22-2015 11:55 PM

Hawk is a relatively new technology, crafted by one of the original OAuth specification authors, that intends to replace the 2-legged OAuth authentication scheme using a simpler approach.

It is an authentication scheme for HTTP, built around HMAC digests of requests and responses.

I recent SOAPUI build, this type authentication is not supported. It would be nice if we can support this.

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In custom properties at project level I observed that when I provide the value for the Password as a variable, it shows as hidden (****)

However when I run the request using the variable I could clearly see the password value in the RAW Request.

This sometimes makes me feel hesitant when I am wrapping the project and sending it to someone else to run it or creating regression which everyone can see.


I expect that if user intetionally pick to encrypt or hide the password, it should not be visible anywhere. Not even from the raw request.


Let me know what you think or if there is any better way to hide it.

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Run TestCase from an other project ...

Status: New Idea
by GerBluem on ‎08-13-2015 12:52 AM

There should be the possibility to run testcases from testsuites of foreign projects. Cool sideeffect will be that project files could be smal and straightforward and could be separarted for a single service (wsdl) of distributed software environment.


The maintenance effort could also be reduced to a minimum, when WSDL/API of one service changed it's just necessary to update the main testcase and all linked 'run testcases' were automatically updated. 


kind regards,


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Hi All,


Is there any assertion in Soapui Pro, that can be used to assert the response XML partially using regex pattern.


For Eg : Lets assume the response XML is something like this below:



<a1>This is a1 test</a1>

<a2>adding a2 text</a2>


<b1>Some random text</b1>





And i want to assert this xml partially using some regex. Lets say like this below:


Contains Assertion: 


<a1>This is a1 test</a1>







When i actually try to do this, it's not working. Can some suggest me the actual regex pattern that can be applied on the above XML to assert its response body. (Note : I am making use of 'contains' assertion)


Kindly let me know, if this feature exists (if yes, plz suggest regex for above & if NO, can we add this feature in next release of soapui pro).