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what is 001 response status?

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what is 001 response status?

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Would you please put some context or description to the question?

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yeah - definitely going to need more detail than that to work out whats going on! Smiley Wink


in the meantime thats not an http status code so I'd suggest thats an internally developed response code for the request you submitted.


First thing I'd do is hit the technical requirements - you'd expect response codes to be defined somewhere!





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Thirding the need for more details. 🙂 @


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Hi Everyone,

Definitely, the topic contains lack of information about the issue. Prasad_382, could you please clarify your request?


Guys, I just want to remind you that we expect valuable replies from the API Summer participants 😉

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I will send a screenshot ..thanks for response

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Hi all,

First of all I apologize for late reply.I was Offline for some days.

For the response code 001, its an unknown response in response page as you all helped..

I was validating a system ID in SoapUI to identify whether the Sys-Id is been used or not ,that's when i got 001 response .I also got to know for other response codes.

002-Sys-Id not used.

003-Sys-Id used.

go through the png file for more clarity.


thank you 


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