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soapui-pro / jasperreports dependency

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soapui-pro / jasperreports dependency

Latest soapui-pro Maven pom seems to contain incorrect groupId for jasperreports dependency:


This dependency is not found from maven central.
Correct groupId for 4.0.2 version is net.sf.jasperreports when searching jasperreports from maven central:

Also soapui-pro-5.1.2.pom required artifact net-components:netcomponents:jar:1.3.8a is missing from smartbear maven repository and central repository.

Could you please fix these problems in smartbear maven repo?

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Re: soapui-pro / jasperreports dependency

You asked this question in the Open Source forum - issues like this with the Open Source version should probably be raised in GitHub instead of this forum, which is more of a Q&A type thing.


However, you mentioned SoapUI pro - I don't know much about the support model for that version, so I'm going to send your post over to that forum in case someone can help.

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