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set up local web service on a mac

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set up local web service on a mac



This is my first post so please don't flame me!


I've been driving myself nuts trying to install a local web service on my MAC machine.  I need to do this for my online training course (the teacher has shown how to do  it on windows but not mac-what was he thinking).


Can someone point me to something that is easy to understand and I can follow step by step. 


I am quietly losing the will to live!






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May be below video link helps, give it a try.


 Bit confused by this I was under the impression I had to install a local web service on my machine? 


I thought I install .arr file, ajax and all sorts of other things. 



Is this not the case anymore with the recent version of SOAP UI

I was watching a udemy training video and the trainer was talking about .arr files.  I've been in communication with him and his set up instructions work for windows machines only!  


So your response was correct.


If I have any more questions I will ask them on this thread.  


thank you for your response. 

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