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relative path for input/output files

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relative path for input/output files

Hi, Ole:

I use external txt files for Datasource input as well as I output my xml request/response to external files.  One issue I saw in testing
was if other people want to run my soapUI project files, they will run into error since they might have different directory path.

Can you add a “testDir” option somewhere in preference that way, for example, we can set testDir = C:\Workspace\QA\Automation
and then in my datasource configuration, leave a field for the user to set up the rest of the path, in this case,
File: TestDir\SoapUI\Phase2.5\myProject.xml

Or we can call TestDir in our groovy script
def msg=context.getProperty("GetDVRDevices_AfterUnlink#Response")
new File(context.testCase.testSuite.project.testDir+ "GetDVRDevices_AfterUnlinkRS" + dateFormat.format(date) + ".txt").write(msg2)

Or do you have a better suggestion?

I am concern about how other people can call my input and output files correctly if using relative path.

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Hi Li,

currently what you can do is use the projectPath property in groovyUtils to create a path relative to the project file. If you for example have a "testdata" folder next to your project file containing your data, you can use

def groovyUtils = new context ) groovyUtils.projectPath )

def msg=context.getProperty("GetDVRDevices_AfterUnlink#Response")

new File(groovyUtils.projectPath + "\\testdata\\GetDVRDevices_AfterUnlinkRS" + dateFormat.format(date) + ".txt").write(msg2)

Your testDir is a good idea, We'll find some way to support the concept!


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