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"Update Definition" blanks out parameters in associated test cases

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"Update Definition" blanks out parameters in associated test cases

I doing something wrong? Is my API definition wrong (its exported from Azure API Manager)?


I click on Update Definition for my API, I look at my test cases and they've all lost their values. As though "Revert all parameters to default values" button has been pressed on all of them. Is this a feature?! I'll need to put those parameters in again, for each of the dozens of test cases each time the API definition changes, which seems wrong. I tried adding 'default' values to the Open API YAML as a rough work around but they don't seem to get picked up anyway.


Using ReadyApi ver 3.44.




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Hi @shyne 


We encountered this issue as well and raised a case with Smartbear.  Smartbear verified that it's a bug and are looking into it.  Thank you for reporting this.  I hope if they see more users encountering this issue, it will expedite a fix 🙂


In our case, we were using Refactor, not Update.


The case we raised is 00539306

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