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projectPath returns project parent directory

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projectPath returns project parent directory

I Use ReadyAPI 3.20.2 


My project is located under c:\readyapi-projects\my-project and is shared on git

So there is on my disk :

  • c:\readyapi-projects\my-project\setting.xml  file
  • c:\readyapi-projects\my-project\.git    directory

But when I want to get the project base path using : 




def projectPath = new projectPath




I get c:\readyapi-projects instead of c:\readyapi-projects\my-project


Does someone has an idea on how to get the path of the project (and not the parent dir) ?

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If you look at your Project, and at the Project Properties tab, you shouyld have a property called "Resource Root." I usually set this via the drop-down menu to ${projectDir}


Then, in a groovy script, you can reference it with:


def projDir = context.expand('${projectDir}');


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@djeang ,

ReadyAPI allows two structures to save projects:

  • single file: the project is a single XML file, all included
  • composite: directory structure, useful for versioning and team collaboration


I assume previously the projectPath (the code you mentioned above) was meant as the parent directory for single file xmls: new 


If you want to get the directory of the composite project structure, you may use the project method: context.testCase.getTestSuite().getProject().getPath()


Please note the method will return:

  • directory for composite format
  • xml file for single-file format


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This still returns parent project directory.

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