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posting xml file using ready api


posting xml file using ready api



i m using ready api - SoapUI NG and i m trying to post xml file by attaching file in Attachments tab but getting error message as bad request, please find attached screenshot for ref:


please let me know how we can post file using SoapUI NG, i m able to send same file using Postman.


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Change the Media Type to multipart/form-data. Right now your request woll not include the attachment. You can find more info in the documentation.

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yes i tried with multipart/form-data and than multipart/mixed but still getting bad request message 

<Message>SourceName and FileReceived cannot be empty.</Message>



any update on this issue please ?



SmartBear Alumni (Retired)

Hi samirc23,


Please compare a successful raw request from Postman with a raw request from ReadyAPI. To get a raw request in ReadyAPI, please choose the Raw tab in the left request. Please see the screenshot attached.


To get a raw request which was successfully sent from a browser or another application you can use Fiddler ( which is a free tool to capture HTTP(S) traffic.


It seems that you need to change a style of the "SourceName" and "FileReceived" parameters. If the style is Plain the values of these parameters are not sent. Please refer to the article about parameters: Resource Parameters Page. Note that you can change the style only on the Projects tab.

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Here is a screenshot of how to send an xml request


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