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occasional consulting hours anyone?

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occasional consulting hours anyone?

I'm looking for someone who can help me when I get stuck on a project.  I am thinking a half hour one day maybe an hour on another day.  Maybe a web-conference is all that is needed, maybe I need to pay for an hour of research. 


I am a sales engineer for a product that is the "master system of record for nothing".  As a result, I use SOAP UI Pro to serve as middleware for the purpose of a demo. 


I generally keep to the simple stuff because I'm not a programmer and I'm relatively new to APIs.  I get stuck and, as I get better, I get stuck at points that are beyond where my colleagues can help me.  I have projects that have timelines (as we all do) and, after I search the web, I'm sometimes left with just a little bit more to do but unable to finish because I can't figure out the last step or two.  Very frustrating.


Currently, I'm looking for help with getting the Google API Key added to a call (or some legitimate Google authentication method into maps).  I also have a 5-line Groovy script if/then statement that I need to define and additional property in.  That's my need today but I will probably get stuck again in a week or two with another problem.  As a sales engineer, every project I have has different needs and there is always a project or two or three that I've got on my plate.  Getting stuck is part of the game but I now need someone outside my group to help me out.






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send me your TDD and I will see what I can do for you. 

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