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need groovy script to generate sample request from wsdl?

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need groovy script to generate sample request from wsdl?


I am new to groovy and have a requirement to create a sample request using wsdl and then sample request would be used to map with data extracted from an oracle table. We will be using many number of wsdl for different clients so need to create a generic process where request should be created by reading wsdl. So, I wanted to take an approach where I could generate sample request reading wsdl link. so that If i change wsdl link request created should be changed.

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I'm a huge fan of SOAPUI's groovy support, however you do not need to use Groovy to do most of this, the bulk of it is supported natively in SOAPUI.


Creating a test project from a WSDL


Creating boilerplate TestSuites fom the imported WSDL


Data Driven Testing


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Hi @neerajshriv,

Does Martin's reply help you resolve the question?

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