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We are getting bunch of error message below..
"Thu Jun 28 20:07:41 EDT 2007:ERROR:Exception in request: Connection reset by peer: socket write error"
while increasing number of threads to 20 during load test. We are running it on windows. Please advise. it is show stopper for us now..

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hmm.. this is an error that usually arises when the target system can't handle the load.. should it be able to? Are you seeing any errors on the server handling the request? Can you monitor it in any way?

If you can mail me your project file I can run a simulation locally to see if it might be a soapUI error.. (



Yes I agree with Ole.

The key is the line "reset by peer" which usually means that something has been dumped on the other side. It often is performance issues, but COULD be because of malformed messages.

It also could be beacuse of some error in soapUI (where we send something mysterious).

As well as sending us the project file, I advice you to monitor the server while you're doing the test and see what is happening.

Monitor network traffic and the number of connections as well as any application server specifics.
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One more thing 🙂

If you're using a thread strategy (from 1 to 50 threads for exampe) and it constantly hits the wall at 20, probe around some.

Do some simple stategy tests at 15 threads, let it run for a while. Does the Service take a continous load at 15?

Go up to a simple strategy at 25. Do you get the errors at once?

Do a burst of let us say 10 threads for 10 seconds with a 10 second delay. does the server recover. Try different delays and see what happends.

All this is to see possible thresholds where the Service bumps into problems or reasons why it have problems.

Now let's hope for the best and hope this is a soapUI bug, but using soapUI as a tool for quickly generating a multuitude of small tests is a great way of using it and examining service behaviour.

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