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improvement idea about WSDL coverage

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improvement idea about WSDL coverage

I really the WSDL coverage feature. Based on my limited testing of this feature I think it could be further improved.

I have a method called 'Method A' which has various elements of various datatypes (string, int, etc).

If I have a single test case which has all the elements values filled in with some value, the WSDL coverage feature will show that the coverage is 100% (correct me if I am wrong here).

I think if I can specify a range of values in the interface for each element (maybe in the interface) and then calculate WSDL coverage based on those values, I will receive better coverage.

For example lets say I have a field called 'weekday'. I want to make sure that I test my 'Method A' with all values of 'weekday'.  being able to interpret expressions will also be useful. so for integer types I can say '>7' and '<7' .


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Re: improvement idea about WSDL coverage

Hi Ali,

definitely! this is on our list, not sure if it can make it into the 2.0 release... I'll let you know!



Re: improvement idea about WSDL coverage

This is a challenge.

The question is: What does it measure, what metric should it affect?
I'm going to go out on a limb here and say it can not affect the Coverage Percentage. Why? Because the goal of coverage is to see what elements you have not tested and the percentage corresponds to that.

What id does affect and should affect, need to be some other metric. Because it is important, Testing all the weekdays for a weekday element as well as testing the boundaries for the weekdays (in this case 0 and and other destructive tests (for example SQL injection) is really important and should affect some Metric.

I think that we should add some metric, like "Well Testedness" or "Test Quality Score" that takes into consideration how many tests and assertions a project has and against which elements.

Only problem, this is easy at the first glance, but WILL be complex to implement.

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