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how to get the zip file after running HTTP request.

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how to get the zip file after running HTTP request.


  The http request is about exporting application to local path.

  I run the HTTP request in postman and click "Send and Download" button, and can save the exported zip file into local path.

  Then I run this HTTP request in soapui 5.0.0, cannot get exported zip file as Postman. From body of response, server return data in responce, please see the attached "body of response.txt" file. Does anyone know how to get file as .zip?



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I am also facing same problem. Able to save the zip file to local but unable to open the file which inside. Please help me.

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Hi @ArunaBhukyaThis thread is quite old, it would be great if you created a new topic and shared the specifics of your issue there 

If you don’t feel like doing that, feel free to provide more details here and we’ll see how we can help 😊  




Sonya Mihaljova
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