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how can org be better in READY API

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how can org be better in READY API

I think one of my annoyance has been organizing the test cases and how it would work with Agile

Currently we are using agile

I am labeling each sprint user story as a Test Case

Now here is the struggle How can this be slumped into a Test suite for UAT.

How can we create a Test plan using this collection of test cases when we go to prod.

I think we need an awesome testing framework that would make READY APi work with AGILE





If I understand your scenario correctly, you need to get text descriptions of your automated TestCases, which can be used as UAT manual testing scenarios. For this, you can add descriptions in an arbitrary format to each TestCase and then get them all in the printable report. Example: 


As for organizing your TestCases within your project, you may like the approach described here: 


Also, you can use tags to label TestSuites and TestCases e.g. by Sprints or Releases: 


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I was thinking about using tags.

I think the concept of test runner is nothing new and running tests which are tagged with release or sprint is a good way of sepearting tests for sprints and releases.


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