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dynamically passing header authorization value for Request

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dynamically passing header authorization value for Request



Here is what I need help to find solution:

  1. There is one endpoint which will will generate the Token in the response. 
  2. Now this response is going to be used as a "Header" in another request. 

The token gets expire in one hour and for me to keep my test alive and automatic, I am seeking to some how retrieve the token from first endpoint/testcase and then dynamically pass it to the other test's request header. But I don't see an option to take value from groovy or data source etc.


I saw one post where creating event handler is suggested but I am not sure how can the event handler take token value from a test case response. 

Appreciate any help.




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Hi Basant,


It sounds like Point And Click testing is what you need. Please refer to this online article for more information:


Tanya Yatskovskaya
SmartBear Community and Education Manager

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