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distributed load testing

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distributed load testing

Are there any plans to introduce distributed load testing capabilities in soapUI. When doing a heavy load test across multiple service, I will have to start up soapui on multiple load generating machines to generate the load.

Most load testing allows you to install agents on load machines, which can be told what load test to run and how much load to push out. These agent send results back to the main controller which tallys up results from all agents and makes some reports.

It would be quite awesome if soapui can connect to other soapui consoles in the network and can control them.

For instance I have load machines A and B. I also have Controller Machine C. After the load test is scripted I can say something like.

1. C issues request to connect to A and B (maybe A, B have agent option set to allow for remote control).
2. C specifies to testcase1 on A and testcase2 on B
2. C pushes out the load scripts to A and B.
3. C start load test which cause test to run from A and B.
4. A and B report results back to C.

This is quite a vague description of the feature but hopefully enough to get some dialog going.
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Hi Ali,

thanks, we understand very well what you mean! This is another of those major features we want to add over the coming releases, I can't say when this will happen though.. stay tuned as always 🙂


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