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database schema and updating test cases.

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database schema and updating test cases.

most commercial products like mercury etc like to bundle up their testing tool with some test management tool (e.g quality center) to keep track of testcases. It basically just some database to store information about testcase after they have been run.

While I don't like things like quality center, it certainly helps to keep track of testcases (pass/fail), failure reason etc.

It would be nice if soapui can provide some database schema which can be installed on mysql, sqlserver etc and also add a 'update database' feature to soapUI. If this feature is enabled and configured, it should add testcases, pass/fail, fail reasons etc to this database.

This would greatly enhance soapui I think.
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Hi Ali,

this is a really interesting idea, let us discuss this internally and see what we come up with. Thanks!


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