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create automatically all steps in JIRA by running testCases in SOAPUI

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create automatically all steps in JIRA by running testCases in SOAPUI


I have ~50 projects that created in readyAPi and I want to run all of them to JIRA (cloud)

I've configured one project to JIRA with testCases and I can also run it successfully.

I have only one problem :

How can I run them without creating all steps manually in Jira?

I want to run only the projects and it's will automatically create all the steps there. (in JIRA)

How can I do that?

this is very necessary for me because I can't do it manually.



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Hi @Rivka,


At the moment, the ReadyAPI integration with Jira allows associating test cases with Zephyr tests manually. Please submit a feature request to automate this process on this forum:


Other users may vote up this feature request. Our product team reviews the ideas with high ranks and they can consider implementing the requested feature.



Tanya Yatskovskaya
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Hi @Rivka 


I don't know whether this is possible - you'd have to check the JIRA API doc details to see if the API supports creation of the equivalent test steps in JIRA.


I did investigate the equivalent thing in the TestRail test management app a couple of years ago and this was one of the problems I found that made it unworkable.  The way the TestRail API worked was that you added a TestRail POST request as the final step in the ReadyAPI! test that updated the test result details in TestRail.

HOWEVER - you had to replicate the ReadyAPI! test step details in TestRail for this to work.  Also - tests that included a dataloop wouldn't work as the TestRail POST request that was executed once each execution iteration would overwrite the previous iterations execution results.


If the JIRA API details doesnt support creation of the test and step details itself, you're just gonna have to bite the bullet and replicate your tests manually in JIRA as well as ReadyAPI! or toss the whole thing out and rely on ReadyAPI! alone.






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Thank you everyone for your comments!


@Rivka, did any of the thoughts above help you? We are looking forward to hearing from you. 

Olga Terentieva
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Hi everyOne,

Thanks for your comments.

I understand from your post that it's currently not supported but I don't think that it's not possible to do.

if TestRail POST request it's executed before each step maybe could solve the problem about DSloop.

 however, the JIRA API details support creation of the test and step details itself so I'm going to get solution with this way in my project



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