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conditional assertion ?

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conditional assertion ?

is it possible to have something like a conditional assertion in soapUI. for instance I have function called DeleteGrid() which return a 'Success' if the grid was deleted and a 'Failure' if it was not deleted. I also have a function CreateGrid which has a field 'mandatory'. DeleteGrid behavior is tied to mandatory = true/false.

In my datadriven test I first call creategrid with mandatory = true and then with false. So in my assertion for deleteGrid, I would want some thing like

'Success' only if mandatory = true in createGrid

Is this possible to do ?

hopefully that made sense.

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Hi Ali!

hmm.. is the value of the mandatory field in your CreateGrid request part of the data provided by the DataSource (in which case you could maybe also include the DeleteGrid result as a DataSource property and check against it with a standard xpath-contains assertion against a property-reference)?

Alternatively you could create a Script Assertion that can check the CreateGrid request and assert accordingly..

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