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Why must I still disable the ReadyAPI browser to solve the hanging issue?

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Why must I still disable the ReadyAPI browser to solve the hanging issue?

Hello everyone --


After continually having to force kill ReadyAPI on the Mac, I researched the community forums and found the same symptoms from 2017 and before. The issue was apparently having to do with the embedded browser and the suggestion was to disable it via a property file edit. Well, I tried that and it worked in 2.7, and now in 2.8. Why hasn't this issue been addressed? Or it's not the browser, but the browser triggers it? Anyways, after disabling the browser I no longer experience a hanging ReadyAPI that uses 50% cpu, needing to be force killed. I don't miss the browser either, as it stops the rendering of the massive startup page that has a bunch of links to tutorials, sales links, etc.


Does that ring any bells for anyone? The most annoying defects sometimes seem to be the ones that don't get addressed in a timely manner.


Otherwise, with the exception of a few other 'annoying defects', I love the tool, have been a user since SoapUI was a community project, and just renewed my license for (3) years haha. Can't get enough I guess.




Hi @bruiiser,


ReadyAPI is a product that consumes quite a lot of RAM. Unfortunately, this is so. On some machines, the internal browser can actually cause hangings. We are working on its improvement from version to version and are trying to solve this problem.

Kirill Zakharov
Customer Care Team

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