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Where do I start from?

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Where do I start from?

Hello everyone!

I am new in the API universe, middle-aged with very little training on XML....but very anxious to dive into this world.


I used Ready API v.2.0.2 today for the first time, I can successfully send and receive data to certain applications (WSDA) but what then? How do I use the responses I am getting from outside systems? In other words, what tools are there for me that I can use to a)Trigger the transaction from a normal web page to the third party application outside of API v.2.0.2 and b) to display this information to my users?

May sound elementary, but this is what I am puzzled about; any help will be much appreciated. Thank you!

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Welcome to the API testing world and amazing to see your enthusiasm to learn new things and experiment.

And you are successfully get started with ease.
This readyapi is tool is not only to be able to test our API's, but also test the flows & and automate them.

You should be able find various online resources & videos etc.

Here are some:

But you can also find in youtube.

Here is documentation link:

Is it that you need to test some webpages too as part of tests? then you need to do little more search online.

Anyways, if you have any specific issue feel free to post in the respective forum.

Good luck.

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