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WSDL update question

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WSDL update question

First of thanks for the new snap shot release in such a short time.

I know we have discussed this issue before and I think you could have already addressed this but I am not sure how to do this.

The issue was that if a WSDL changes then those changes are not reflected in the test cases since those testcases were created with the old WSDL. Was this problem resolved with some new features that you added in 1.7.5 ?

Would it be possible to have tutorial to show how this updating of test cases can be accomplished. If you are crunched on time, a textual explanation would be fine also.


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Re: WSDL update question

Hi Ali,

Thanks for your post.. "WSDL Refactoring" is really at the top of our list for the next major release.. until then there is no really good way of doing this unfortunately.. Basically you would need to open the project file in a text-editor and do a find-and-replace if possible.. Maybe an intermediary solution would be just that; a Find-And-Replace functionality on all requests in a testcase/testsuite/project.. what do you think?


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Re: WSDL update question

oh. i thought wsdl refactoring was already part of 1.7.5.  Text editor works fine for me at the moment when the wsdl change is very minor. I obviously dont know about development as much as you but I think have somewhat of an idea about a possible solution.

Lets say the WSDL for some service changed and one of the method's (addtoCart()) request object changed and now the issue is that I I have called this method hundreds of times across many testcases.

If I update the interface I can see the new method definition. So if I can say that replace all occurences of 'addtoCart' with the new definition (across suites, projects etc). This would be ok with me. I understand that doing this wil have possible side effects like property transfer failures and possibly some others issues.
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