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Version control - Diff is very confusing for ReadyAPI projects?

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Version control - Diff is very confusing for ReadyAPI projects?

In any "project" (ReadyAPI or other), people might make small changes to the "project" and save their changes to source control. In such cases, I'd expect a small and simple diff. When the project is purely code based (ex. Java, Python etc.), then the diff is actually small and easy to understand. But, when the project is in ReadyAPI, the diff often becomes complicated and there is a lot of noise.

If I change one small line in ReadyAPI, then many other things might also get changed to support my change (i.e. metadata). Hence, it gets harder to read and understand a diff. There are so many confusing xml tags that we have to sift through to get to the main changes, for example:






How do you do code/test reviews with ReadyAPI? How do you cut down the noise? There is only so much you can do with ignore files of your source control.

Keywords: Git, SVN, Mercurial, Perforce, DVCS, Version Control, Source Control, VCS, Diff, Code reviews, Peer reviews.

PS: If found a related post, but it does not answer my question.

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Hi @rajs2020,


Yes, currently, if you change one thing in ReadyAPI, several things in different places of the project might change as well. 


If you describe your scenario and changes in detail we might find a way of how to reduce the changes.

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