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Using Javascript with ReadyAPI ?

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Using Javascript with ReadyAPI ?

This is a follow up to this old & closed thread -

I have some questions about Javascript/JS and ReadyAPI -
1 - As of 2020, is it better to use Groovy instead of JS? Why?

2 - Why does ReadyAPI support Javascript? (I'd prefer an answer from SmartBear for this one.)
3 - Is there any plan to support other languages also?

PS - I just found one reason to avoid JS in ReadyAPI. As of version 3.4, you cannot debug Javascript code. If you really need to debug your code, then use Groovy instead of JS.


1.  Today, in ReadyAPI it is best to use Groovy Scripts because it is native to the platform. In addition Groovy itself is a simple scripting language when compared to java and javascript.

2. ReadyAPI supports javascript because it is natively supported by some of the libraries that we use and it is also used much more than Groovy.

3. We definitely understand the widespread of other scripting languages that are out there and users have expressed the need for ReadyAPI to support some common ones. We are currently having these conversation with users to try and understand what the next ones should be. If you have input on this please let us know!


Thank you very much for reaching out and let us know if there are any other questions that you may have! 

Temil Sanchez
Ready API Product Owner
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