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Use dll from C# class in Groovy Script

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Use dll from C# class in Groovy Script

Hello there.


I am trying to call a function from a dll generated from a C# class.

I use the following script:


import com.sun.jna.Native
import com.sun.jna.Library

interface Hello extends Library {
String GregFunc()

def nativeLibraryC = Native.loadLibrary('TestSas', Hello.class)

def methods = nativeLibraryC.getClass().getDeclaredMethods()

for (method:methods);

def lala = nativeLibraryC.GregFunc()


GregFunc() normaly should just return a string.

The problem is that even though library is loaded i get an error message that GregFunc() cannot be found.

Can anyone help?

SmartBear Alumni (Retired)

Thank you @GeorgeM for your question! 


@groovyguy  @ChrisAdams @nmrao , could you take a look? Thank you!

Sonya Mihaljova
Community and Education Specialist

@GeorgeM This sounds like a very interesting problem. Would you be able to provide a sample DLL that I could poke at this with? Otherwise I can try to find one that might be similar to use.



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Hi @groovyguy .

Thanks for your interest.

I am sharing my dll.

It is pretty simple, i created a class project, there a class "TestClass" in namespace TestSas.

This TestClass has a function "TestFunc" that returns a string message.



The names are a little different from the ones at the script.

I bulti the project, took the dll and placed it in system32 folder but script cannot execute the function.

I dont know if my way is correct, please let me know if you have any feedback!

Thanks again.


Hi @GeorgeM ,
Could you please tell if you have found a solution on how to run dll from groovy? I need to do the same and hope you can share some info if you have please.

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